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About Us

We are the leading manufacturers of widest range of Prefabricated Houses to be used as site offices and labor camp accommodations for construction companies, buildings of schools and hospitals, villas, mosques, ablution, security cabins, laundry, conference hall and dining hall etc. We have been established and recognized for excellence for over the last decade helping to develop and support various industries achieve their full business potential through innovative designs and practical building solutions.

The company is currently the leading brand in the UAE market, across the Middle East, GCC and African periphery in fabrication, customization and assembly of prefabricated houses. We are able to successfully delivery this by providing our customers with superior quality products through excellent workmanship by employing state of the art technology in the construction industry in a time frame to suit your immediate and long term construction needs.

Portacabin Prefab Houses & Décor LLC operations are well known by leading construction and petroleum industries in the geographical region of the Middle Eastern and GCC countries both for government and private sector industries. By providing and exporting our production of re-locatable and custom built modules, We have now established a reputable brand working across the region in countries like Qatar, Oman, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia as well as the entire U.A.E etc.

Established 1995
Established 2008
Established 2009
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