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Introduction /Sales

Portacabin Prefabricated houses and Décor LLC welcomes you to our wide range of quality, multi purpose units, designed with practically, safety and quality in mind. We have a variety of functions and specifications to cater for all your professional and residential requirements.

Safety is also paramount, so strict fire retardant material is used if needed, particularly in areas where flammable substances are actively in use. Oil refineries too require stringent safety conditions which we have a thoroughly understanding and implement while designing and producing our units.

For fireproofing and fire retardant materials we use G.I stud framing, steel checkered flooring, fire resistant cement boards, non combustible gypsum boards, M.S angle joints and profile roofing. Exteriors are coated with heavy textured paint which is waterproof and durable to handle high degree of changes in humidity and weathering conditions. Our units and materials have been approved and certified by ABU DHABI Civil Defense.

Manufacturing & Selling

Manufacturing & Selling of decorative MDF/ Plywood/Chipboard/ Hardboard.

Manufacturing & Selling of Portacabins & Prefabricated Buildings - Portable or Modular Hi-space & Fire retardant Single Level or stackable,


·  Project Site Office / Conference

· Staff Accommodation 

· Kitchen / Mess / Clubs / Laundry 

· Schools / Hospitals /Mosques 

· Storage units 

·  Ablution Units with wastewater holding tanks / Ladies  & Gents 

· Container Conversions & Offshore Modules- Standard or Fire-rated single or stackable. 

· Oilfield Units 

Manufacturing & Selling PU Injected Panels (Soon)


PortaRent has now been established to handle the growing demands in short term event management, residential, maritime, gas and oil industries

Established 1995
Established 2008
Established 2009
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